BR Premium Beard Oil - Royal Tweed

  • Stimulates hair growth for a thicker, healthier, bolder beard that looks and smells luxurious.
    1. Seals in moisture for an ultra soft and shiny beard
    2. Essential oils soak in quickly to soften coarse hair 
    3. Infused with all-natural ingredients to accelerate beard growth
    4. Fragrance that lasts to keep your beard fresh all day

    Beard Roots Premium Beard Oil was engineered based on extensive research on what makes your beard healthy and bold. Each beard oil is hand-made using the only the finest blend of all natural essential oils. It is designed to be lightweight and will keep your beard hair conditioned and shiny without the feeling of being greasy or weighted down.

    Royal Tweed is a potent fragrance statement that blends top notes: Sandalwood, Ambergris, Iris, Violet Leaf, Lemon, and Verbena. It smells like a fresh green breeze mixed with a splash of adventure that will leave your beard smelling rich and adventurous.

    1. Beard Oil is essential to any beard grooming routine. To use Beard Oil, start with a clean, slightly moist beard; either fresh out of the shower or after you have washed your beard. Dispense 3-5 drops (up to 10 for long beards) into the palm of your hand and then gently massage into beard. Start at the base of your beard and work the oil towards the ends of the hair and remember that it’s just as important to apply the product to your skin underneath, this helps keep your beard healthy and hydrated. Your beard grows best when the skin beneath your beard is healthy. 
      • All-Natural Essential Oil Ingredients Include:
        1. Sunflower Oil
        2. Sweet Almond Oil
        3. Rosehips Oil
        4. Avocado Oil
        5. Argan Oil
        6. Jojoba Oil
        7. Pure Vitamin E
        8. Beard Roots Essential Oil Fragrance Blend

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