About Us



The motivation that fueled the growth of our brand was the need for premium all natural beard care products that provided consistent results. Our collection of products started with one single revolutionary concept.....the original BeardRag™ aka the "Beard Bonnet". This was our solution to waking up with a dry, brittle, and unruly beard.

As the brand began to gain popularity and we analyzed feedback from our customers; we soon realized it was time to expand our brand beyond our satin beard covers and commit ourselves to bringing you all-natural beard care essentials to help amplify beard growth and improve appearance.  



We believe that good hygiene and appearance translates into a good mood and positive energy. All Beard Roots products are made from all-natural ingredients and fulfilled in-house with care and love. Each product is custom designed and thoroughly tested to ensure you are impressed by the results and empowered by your purchase. Our goal is to bring you effective beard products that will transform you beard care process and create a bigger better bolder beard.



BeardRoots is here to serve and support you. If for some reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with our products or shopping experience, please contact us.

Thank you for shopping with BeardRoots. We appreciate your support as well as your dedication to better care for your beard.