Beard Roots Grow Combo

  • Stimulates hair growth for a thicker, healthier, bolder beard.
    1. Seals in moisture for an ultra soft and shiny beard
    2. Soaks in quickly to soften dry coarse beard hair 
    3. Infused with all-natural ingredients to accelerate beard growth

    Beard Roots Premium Beard Balm & Oil was engineered based on extensive research on what makes your beard healthy and bold. Each beard balm and oil is hand-made using the only the finest blend of all natural ingredients and essential oils. They are both designed to be lightweight and to keep your beard conditioned and shiny without the feeling of being greasy or weighted down.

    1. Beard Balm & Oil is essential to keeping your beard moisturized and healthy. To use Beard Balm, start with a clean, slightly moist beard; either fresh out of the shower or after you have washed your beard. Gently massage a dime (small beards) to quarter size (larger beards) amount into beard thoroughly & style appropriately. Follow-up with an equal about of Beard Oil and massage throughout the beard hair to seal in moisture and give your beard a long-lasting healthy shine. 
      • All-Natural Essential Oil Ingredients Include:
        1. Castor Oil
        2. Candelilla Wax
        3. Mango Butter
        4. Organic Olive Oil
        5. Kokum Butter
        6. Poppy Oil
        7. Organic Sunflower Oil
        8. Red Raspberry Oil
        9. Cranberry Oil
        10. Frankincense Essential Oil
        11. Ginger Essential Oil
        12. Coriander Essential Oil
        13. Beard Roots Essential Oil Fragrance Blend
      • All-Natural Essential Oil Ingredients Include:
        1. Sunflower Oil
        2. Sweet Almond Oil
        3. Rosehips Oil
        4. Avocado Oil
        5. Argan Oil
        6. Jojoba Oil
        7. Pure Vitamin E
        8. Beard Roots Essential Oil Fragrance Blend

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