Beard Care Essentials

Beard Care Essentials

May 12, 2019

The most frequently asked question from our bearded men is how can they improve their beard care process to help the following beard growth issues:

    • Faster Beard Growth
    • Patchy Beard Growth
    • Dry & Brittle Beard Hair
    • Split-End Beard Hair

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, not to worry…..we’ve come up with 5 beard care essentials you can add to your beard care regime. Follow these beard care basics and your beard will grow faster, fuller, and your beard hair will be softer the ever before. If we don’t stock the product you need…not to worry, we’ll include the link to where you can find it.

Beard Oil & Balm

You can soften your beard hair and prevent beard itch with a nutrient-rich oil. It can be difficult to get a moisturizer underneath your beard hair, using the lightweight essential oils ingredients in beard oil will easily reach the skin and absorb quickly to promote healthy beard growth.

Beard balms have the same benefits of oils because they’re packed with nutrients. In addition to natural oils, balms also contain natural butters and waxes, this helps to seal moisture into the beard hair and also makes styling your beard easy.

Beard Comb

You might've seen beard combs and overlooked them as a necessary part of your beard care regime. But beard combs can actually make your grooming more effective if you’d like to better train/form your beard hairs. Beard combs separate and straighten the individual strands, while evenly disturbing your beard balm and beard oil throughout your beard.


Even if you use balms and oils, one or two beard hairs will stand be out of form. This is all a part of growing a dope beard, and is why you always need a pair of beard scissors in your beard care arsenal.

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Beard Wash

A beard wash is as important as shampoo: It flushes away all the excess oil and grime that accumulates. There’s no use applying beard balm to a beard filled with product build-up. Beard wash keeps the hair on your face clean, so that your beard hairs can better absorb your beard products.

Beard Rag

Covering your beard at night helps to seal in all your beard care products to allow their nutrients to deep condition and keep your beard healthy. It also helps to protect against split-end beard hairs and keeps product spillage off your pillow-case and bed sheets.

Make your beard care routine a priority if you want to achieve better beard growth results. Be blessed and keep that beard FRESH!

We’ve included some beard care essentials below that are customers love:



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