Quick Guide to Better Beard Growth

Quick Guide to Better Beard Growth

November 14, 2020

Yes we realize that everyone has different hair and beard types; but one main focus every bearded man has is what can be done to achieve better beard growth. The first of many steps to is to realize that you must first ditch using men’s hair care products on your face and start using products created specifically for beard growth. No matter your beard type; using the right products can help increase beard growth, fix a patchy beard, and moisturize the skin under your beard to keep your hair follicles producing the nutrients needed to grow a beard you can style like a boss.

We’ll discuss a few steps you can take to improve your beard care routine and the different types of products needed to increase beard growth. There are so many different myths out there about beard growth so we’re going to keep it simple and straight to the point with our men’s hair product guide.


All the nutrients required to grow a better beard starts from within, more specifically it starts with a healthy diet and vitamin intake. Eat a high protein diet and also find yourself a solid beard growth vitamin. AND YES… TAKE THEM DAILY! You do want better beard growth right?, using beard oil all day won’t do anything for your beard growth if you aren’t providing your body with the nutrients needed to produce the proper environment for growth.

HACK ALERT: Boost your beard growth by adding some extra power to the daily vitamin...add a beard growth vitamin to your regime. All ingredients are made from 100% all-natural vitamins and nutrients known to accelerate hair growth, in our case beard growth. And if you really want accelerate that beard growth add some liquid biotin to your daily lineup, our customers love this brand available on Amazon.


Kings, please please please DO NOT neglect the skin under your beard. Washing this area is not enough. Find a gentle scrub that will allow you to stimulate the pores and exfoliate the skin under your beard. This will not only help to wash away yesterday’s beard balm and beard oil, but will also stimulate blood flow and energize the pores to help promote healthier beard growth.


Find yourself a dedicated beard wash. Something light and all natural that you can use to wash your beard after you wash your face. Beard Wash and Conditioner are like peanut butter and jelly. Sure you can use one without the other but both combined together will always create a better result. Wash is used first to cleanse the beard hair of any pollutants that may have accumulated from the environment like sebum, dirt, and old product residuals.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to shampoos but we’ll help guide you to what’s best for your beard. Most shampoos contain a party pack of harmful ingredients that can actually get in the way of your beard growth; ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and silicones are chemicals you should avoid using on your beard.

Sulfates are a cleaning agent that indeed clean but also strip the hair follicles and skin of natural oils that are essential to keeping your beard healthy. These chemicals strip so much nutrients out of your hair that they eventually cause your hair to be malnourished and brittle. Brittle hair means hair breakage and who wants that when trying to improve beard growth.

Parabens are preservatives that are known to interfere with your body’s hormonal rhythm, and silicones can leave a sticky residue on the hair making the hair dull and potentially clogging the pores of the hair follicle. Let’s just say it best to avoid all these ingredients when possible, it’s always better to use a safe all-natural alternative that provides a gentle beard wash.

Hair is constructed based on layers of cells that are stacked on top of one another. Once these cells start to change form or break, this causes hair to look dull and damaged. This is what conditioner is used for. Beard Conditioner is used to condition and smooth the hair which allows the hair cells to restore a healthy, strong, and shiny appearance. Beard Conditioner doesn’t cleanse the hair like shampoo but creates a moisture sealing effect that protects the hair and builds a silky layer on the hair to help prevent tangling and breakage.   


This step is what separates the ashy and patchy beards from the thick beards. While your beard is still damp from the last step (Beard Wash & Conditioner), apply some beard oil.

This is one of the most critical steps of beard care, beard oil is extremely necessary because it helps seal in the moisturizing nutrients from the products you just applied and also the natural oils your body produces that promote beard growth. Beard Oil hydrates the skin and nourishes the hair follicle at the root. Beard Oil also helps to detangle and protect your hair against damage from the sun and other environmental factors. It helps to fortify the natural oils produced by your hair pores which helps create stronger, softer, shinier beard hair.

After beard oil the next step is to follow-up with beard balm to seal in the nutrients and moisture. Beard Balm is essentially a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes, conditions, and softens your beard hair making it healthier and easy to style. Beard Balms contain shea butter for softening and moisturizing, beeswax to help seal in moisture, and a unique blend of essential oils to help moisturize and promote growth. All-natural beard balms are the best for beard care because they don’t contain toxic chemicals that can irritate your skin or cause your beard to become dry and brittle.

  1. TRAIN

Invest in a beard comb and a beard brush. Use the comb to evenly distribute the beard balm and beard oil throughout your beard, and use the brush to help train your beard hairs to fall into whatever formation best matches your beard style.

We've Got You Covered!

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