5 Beard Growth Hacks

5 Beard Growth Hacks

January 10, 2020 1 Comment

Hacks....yup just like the movie the matrix. Well, not exactly like the matrix but more so like shortcuts to help your beard gain the respect it deserves at the bearded man roundtable. We know you're tired of reading posts about unrealistic beard growth and beard style tips so we'll keep it short give you the facts on the best beard care tips to get your beard growth on the fast track to boss status:


If you want to be a champ in a room full of bearded men, it starts with your diet. Eating clean foods with a focus on high protein intake is key to hair growth and overall health and wellness, find yourself a solid mens daily multi-vitamin and now you're officially ready to boost your beard growth. Please don't forget daily multi-vitamins include the word DAILY for a reason...TAKE THEM DAILY! You want better beard growth right? We've sourced a once a day mens gummy multi-vitamin that includes all-natural ingredients specifically formulated for beard growth and overall mens health... this will save you from walking around all day with a pocket full of vitamins.


HACK ALERT: Boost your beard growth by adding some extra power to the vitamin mix....add "Biotin" to your vitamin regime. Biotin is a water soluble B-Vitamin known to accelerate hair growth, in our case beard growth. So if you wan't to accelerate that beard growth add some liquid biotin to your daily lineup, our customers love this brand here on Amazon.


Kings, please please please DO NOT neglect the skin under your beard. Washing this area is not enough. Find a gentle scrub that will allow you to stimulate the pores and exfoliate the skin under your beard. This will not only help to wash away yesterdays beard balm and beard oil, but will also stimulate blood flow and energize the pores to help promote healthier beard growth.


Find yourself a dedicated beard wash. Something light and all natural that you can use to wash your beard after you wash your face.  Many think that it’s ok to wash your beard with your face wash or hair shampoo; your face skin is different than your scalp so it’s best to have something created specifically for beard hair and facial skin. Rinse this off and keep your beard slightly damp for the next two steps.



This step is what separates the ashy and patchy beards from the bearded man with a thick beard with and an all access pass to the beard gang. While your beard is still damp from the last step, apply the beard oil throughout your entire beard and then follow up directly afterward with a thin even layer of beard balm. This is one of the most critical steps of beard care, beard oil is extremely necessary because it helps seal in the moisturizing nutrients from the products you just applied and also the natural oils your body produces that promote beard growth. 


Next and final step to beard growth freedom is to invest in a dedicated beard comb and beard brush. Use the comb to evenly distribute the beard balm and beard oil throughout your beard, and use the the brush to help train your beard hairs to fall into whatever formation best matches your beard style.


We've Got You Covered!

Check out some products below that our customers love to keep in their beard care collection. Be Blessed and keep that beard FRESH!



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