Why Beard Oil Matters

Why Beard Oil Matters

January 01, 2019

Beard care products can stack up quick and no one wants to spend forever in the bathroom but beard oil is something that should NEVER be skipped….we put this one right above leg day in the gym. You can hide your legs but you can’t hide your beard.

Keeping up with beard care is much more than a nice trim, it’s CRITICAL that once you wash and moisturize your beard that you take the time to comb through some beard oil to seal in the nutrients and moisture that’s going to help your beard grow and feel less like a pot scrubber. 

If you still aren’t convinced here are a few facts on why beard oil is the bearded mans best friend:

Beard Oil hydrates the skin and nourishes the hair follicle at the root

The best time to apply beard oil is immediately after you wash your face after a fresh shower; this is when the pores under the beard are most open and able to absorb all the nutrients.

Beard oil seals in nutrients and beard balm to keep your beard soft and easy to style

No one likes a rough, dry, itchy beard. It only takes a few drops of beard oil to take your beard texture from ashy to awesome.

Beard oil tames and trains beard hair

Unless your goal is to look un-kept, brushing and combing through your beard with beard oil will help train your beard hair pattern so you don’t end up with 50 shades of naps growing on your face.

Bottom line is, if you don’t want to have an ashy, dry, brittle, or patchy beard….add some beard oil to your line up. A few drops of beard oil a day will really improve the appearance and texture of your beard.

Make your beard care routine a priority if you want to achieve better beard growth results. Be blessed and keep that beard FRESH!

We’ve included some beard care essentials below that are customers love:

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