Quick Guide to Beard Trimming

Quick Guide to Beard Trimming

September 22, 2019

Alright so now you’ve made it over the first beard growth hurdle, purchased some beard oil and beard balm and decided on growing out your beard. Now that you’ve made the decision to grow some face art; we’ve created a small guide on how to create a big, thick, healthy beard you can show off with pride.

Some people are under the impression that the only beard style you can rock on your beard growth journey is that one that will leave you looking un-kept and in desperate need of a free Uber ride to the local barber shop or hardware store to chop all that beard hair off your face.


WRONG! We’re actually about to give you some excellent hair care tips as to why trimming your beard will work for you not against you. While growing out your beard, a slight trim is just as important as daily application of beard oil and beard balm. Slightly trimming your beard is a great way to keep your beard hair under control instead of having wild uneven hairs growing all over you face with no resemblance of any beard style. We realize that most workplaces and professional jobs will not tolerate you have uncontrollable wild beard hairs all over your face; and there really is no reason you should have to walk around looking like you are auditioning for a movie in Hollywood about a bearded man that’s allergic to self care.

Use the tips below to help you trim your beard so you’ll look like you belong in the GQ Magazine of beards instead of the bearded dragon at your local circus.

Step 1: Keep Your Beard Soft and Clean

Beard care 101, never allow you beard to be dry or dirty. Keep your beard clean by washing it with a dedicated beard shampoo or beard wash. Many think that it’s ok to wash your beard with your face wash or hair shampoo; your face skin is different than your scalp so it’s best to have something created specifically for beard hair and facial skin. Once you’ve washed your beard the next step should be dedicated to moisturizing your beard hair and the skin underneath your beard. Gently massage some beard conditioner into your beard hair and rinse. This will not only moisturize your beard hair but will also help to nourish the pores that are responsible for beard growth.

Step 2: Brush & Comb

Once your beard hair is dry, use a beard brush or comb to style your beard in the proper direction you intend for it to grow. Not only will this make your beard easier to trim, it will also help to train your beard hairs to grow in a pattern that matches your beard style.

Step 3: Trim

Now here comes the part that makes every bearded man nervous. Remember, we’re just trimming the unruly beard hairs in order to improve you beard growth pattern and style. Don’t worry…this part will be simple and painless. Use some beard trimmers with a guard that will protect you from accidentally cutting a portion of your beard way shorter than you can tolerate. There are several ways you can style your beard but the main objective to cut any hair that sticks out from the rest so that your beard hair maintains a neat even hair pattern. The most universal beard style is to leave the hairs a little longer around the chin and then make the hairs on the side of your face slightly shorter. If you need a reference point that includes some barber lingo: use a number 3 clipper guard setting around the temple area and a 4 or 5 setting when you get down to the goatee area. The hair on your mustache tends to have denser hair growth and should be kept at a length similar to the hair around your temple area.

Step 4: Touch Up

Once you’ve trimmed you beard hair down with the beard trimmer, you may still notice that a few hairs are out of place. Don’t get too excited to pick up the hair trimmer again and start to buzz more of your beard off. This is where a nice pair of scissors comes in handy. Use these to only snip the hairs that are out of place.

Step 5: Finish with more Beard Oil

We can’t stress this enough but your beard needs constant moisture to grow and stay healthy. Finish this process off with a nice all-natural beard oil. You only need a few drops to get the job done, but the key is to make sure you’re using a product that is all-natural that will keep the hair and skin moisturized without causing any sort or irritation after application. Once you’ve applied the beard oil, run a beard comb through it to make sure the oil is distributed evenly and to get your beard style back into place. Now make sure you didn’t look over any loose strands (if you did just take care of these with your beard scissors) and rock your new trimmed beard style like a boss.


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