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3 Steps to a Bigger Beard

January 01, 2019

If you’ve made it this far I’m sure you already know that growing a nice beard isn’t an easy task. Some can’t grow a beard and others suffer from that patchy look that really isn’t going to gain entry into the bearded man club. The growth rate, thickness, and overall appearance of your beard is a direct result of your beard care routine.

Yes, you need to have a daily routine JUST for beard care, think about it like the hair on your don't want that hair to be nappy or dry either. Here are a few tips for beard care to help your beard grow into the face art you've always hoped for. Remember growing a bigger beard takes time and dedication so don't give up at the first hurdle along you beard journey. Check the tip we've included below….we call them the Triple C’s of Beard Care Basics:


  1. Clean: Sounds simple right? Just washing your face as usual isn’t where the process ends. You need to wash and exfoliate the skin beneath the beard as if your beard wasn’t there. This will keep your skin healthy and pores clear, causing your hair follicles to strengthen and grow better hair for your beard. Once you’ve done this follow up with a delicate beard wash, just like the hair on your head….your beard hair needs to be washed and detangled. No one wants a nappy beard! And yes you need actual beard wash, you wouldn't wash the hair on your head with bar soap would you? Add a dedicated beard wash to your line up of man care products.
  1. Condition: After you wash your beard with a dedicated beard wash be sure to apply your beard balm followed by beard oil to seal in the moisture. This is best done when the beard is still damp and a beard comb is used to evenly distribute the products throughout your beard.
  1. Cover: It’s all funny until you wake up with your beard smushed or in your mouth…even worse you end up with split ends from your beard rubbing against your pillow case and now you have to cut out the damaged hairs. We always follow up our nightly beard care routine with our beard rag aka beard bonnet. If you have doubts on the benefits this has on hair growth, ask your girl how her hair would grow/feel if she stopped wearing her bonnet at night.


This should get you started with the basics, but be on the lookout for future blog posts on how to really AMPLIFY your bead care process. If you’re ready to take your beard care serious and graduate from patchy to powerful, grab some products below that come highly recommended from our customers.


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